Oceanside Farm Residences is a 25-acre, low-density residential community dedicated to exploring a contemporary approach to healthful living. Situated along Ecuador’s Pacific Riviera in the town of Puerto Cayo and designed with a private farm, our development is founded on the belief that clean air, fresh and sustainably harvested food, and a diverse and open-minded community are essential to cultivating health and wellness.


Explore our community at Oceanside Farm Residences and discover a range of activities from kayaking, hiking, fishing and diving. All owners at Oceanside Farm Residences have full harvesting privileges and are encouraged to take advantage of onsite staff and fully curated growing programs designed to assist in the growing and use of our long list of onsite fruits, herbs and vegetables.


Oceanside Farm Residences (OSFR) is designed to cater to a lifestyle that prioritizes both sustainable and locally sourced food while also providing an exclusive setting that incorporates the comforts of modern, resort-style beach living and activity.

All residences at OSFR have been custom tailored to meet the highest standards in finishings and amenities. With a constant focus on sustainability, all homes at OSFR are designed to have 70% or more of their energy solar generated.


The choice of Ecuador was obvious, considering it is one of seventeen “megadiverse countries” in the world, has been awarded the World’s #1 Green Destination three years in a row, was the largest winner for World Travel Awards in 2017 and was the first country in the world to enact the Rights of Nature in its constitution. Ecuador has more animals and plants per square kilometer than any other country and its diverse landscape includes the famous Galapagos Islands, Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the exquisite Pacific Coast where whales migrate in view from our balconies annually.


“It’s thirty minutes from the beach to the Andes. Plus, with the Amazon and The Galapagos around the corner, it’s like nowhere else in the world.”



Enjoy a lifestyle where the food you eat is organic and picked the same day, where seafood is delivered fresh and sustainably caught by local artisanal fisherman to your doorstep. Embrace the luxury of living in this special version of existence.

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