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Ownership in Oceanside Farm Residences involves selecting a lot location and home model. In the event that our ready-to-build models do not fit a specific owner’s needs, we uniquely offer custom home options as well. As a full-scale architectural design and construction group, we are present for our owners at every step from concept to delivery.

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Brisa Residence

Price $349,000
Bedrooms: 2-3
Size: 250 sq. meters

Step into the spectacular Brisa model! This luxurious abode boasts an open floor plan, perfect for those who crave a sense of spaciousness and freedom. Its reduced overall size is a clever design choice, allowing you to maximize your outdoor space while still enjoying the full functionality of your home. Choose between a 2 or 3-bedroom layout. The Brisa model is incredibly versatile, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a vacation home or those who prefer to focus on the essentials.

The Brisa model also features a covered parking area, ensuring your vehicle is always protected from the elements. Plus, the covered patio space is perfect for those who love to entertain or simply enjoy the outdoors in comfort. And let’s not forget the swimming pool. This expansive 270-square-foot oasis can optionally be increased in size, offering you the perfect spot to cool off on hot sunny days. The Brisa model is more than just a home – it’s a lifestyle. It’s gracious, charming, and perfectly designed to meet your needs.

Thyme Model

Price $459,000
Bedrooms: 2-3
Size: 250 sq. meters

Introducing the Thyme model, an architectural marvel with a distinctive T-shaped design. The ceiling soars, creating an expansive living space that is both grand and inviting.

The east-west facing windows stretch from floor to ceiling, bathing the interior in a soft, natural light. These aren’t just windows, they are a testament to the power of innovative design, promoting a lifestyle that is both bright and energy-efficient. The cross-breeze system, a cutting-edge feature, ensures minimal energy consumption.

The Thyme model offers flexibility with options for either a 2 or 3-bedroom layout. Each room is a sanctuary, offering the finest in comfort and luxury. But the Thyme model isn’t just about indoor living. It also includes dedicated spaces for grilling and entertainment. Imagine hosting exquisite dinner parties under the stars, or simply enjoying a quiet evening with a glass of wine.

The Thyme model can feature both 2 or 3-bedroom layouts and includes dedicated grilling and entertainment spaces.

Custom Residence

Price $349,000 and up
Bedrooms: 2 and up
Size: 250 sq. meters

At Oceanside Farm Residences, you can choose from multiple pre-existing model options or choose to customize it to your specific preferences. All homes are built on request, ensuring a personalized touch to your dream abode.

Our onsite architectural and design group, SOMA, is at your service and here to make sure your home isn’t just a house, but a reflection of you and your unique lifestyle.

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