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Ownership in Oceanside Farm Residences involves selecting a lot location and home model. In the event that our ready-to-build models do not fit a specific owner’s needs, we uniquely offer custom home options as well. As a full-scale architectural design and construction group, we are present for our owners at every step from concept to delivery.

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Wave Model

Price $650,000
Bedrooms: 3+
Size: 384 sq. meters

Drawing inspiration from the majestic rise and fall of ocean waves, the “Wave” model is a testament to luxury living. The master suite, nestled on the second floor, offers an unrivaled, panoramic vista of the azure ocean, breathtaking sunsets, and the annual spectacle of whale migration.

The Wave model is a celebration of the beach lifestyle, with every room boasting front-facing, unobstructed views of the ocean. This is not merely a home, but a destination, where a queue of friends eagerly awaits an invitation to visit. Crafted with the finest materials, the Wave model is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.

Umami-D Model

Price $650,000
Bedrooms: 3+
Size: 437 sq. meters

The Umami-D design was meticulously designed with the intent of minimizing the home’s overall footprint, yet preserving its expansive, open floor plan and seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

This exquisite design further maintains a three-bedroom layout, ingeniously maximizing the cross-breeze. The passive cooling design, a testament to cutting-edge technology, ensures a comfortable, energy-efficient living environment. The home’s orientation has been thoughtfully planned to capture the finest sunset views, offering a daily spectacle of nature’s grandeur.

Custom Residence

Price $349,000 and up
Bedrooms: 2 and up
Size: 250 sq. meters and up

At Oceanside Farm Residences, you can choose from multiple pre-existing model options or choose to customize it to your specific preferences. All homes are built on request, ensuring a personalized touch to your dream abode.

Our onsite architectural and design group, SOMA, is at your service and here to make sure your home isn’t just a house, but a reflection of you and your unique lifestyle.

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