Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Puerto Cayo, Ecuador!

David and I are reflecting on a lovely holiday season, which we were lucky enough to celebrate with family here in Oceanside Farms: our daughters Veronica and Kelly, as well as David’s sister Angela made the trip down for a week of Christmas festivities.
Kurt, Lucas, Karen, Kelly, me, David, Veronica, Dan, and Angela
Kurt, Lucas, Karen, Kelly, me, David, Veronica, Dan, and Angela
We were so grateful to share the natural beauty of Ecuador with them, whether on a snorkeling trip or a visit to the nearby Los Frailes National Park, or simply by cooking a meal together using produce from our farm and fresh seafood from the market in nearby Puerto Lopez.
Kelly, Karen, Lucas, Angela, David, Wendy, Veronica and Dan
Karen, Kelly, Lucas, Kurt, Veronica, Dan, David, and Angela
Sharing this time with loved ones was a fitting way to end 2023 for us. This was the year that we began building a full-fledged community around the life we have made here: one dedicated to wellness, nature, and of course, food.
This past year we designed and built custom new homes for the following new members of Oceanside Farms Residences:
  • Michael, a close friend and a recently retired professor from the Culinary Institute of America who splits his time between the Hudson Valley and here.
  • Chris, who lives in New York City and runs a creative agency. He spends time here to unplug from NYC and work remotely and will be hosting his sister and her family next month!
  • Ellee and Oscar, who split their time between their homes in San Francisco, Cape Cod and now here in Puerto Cayo. They invited us over for a Feast of Seven Fishes dinner over the holidays and Ellee even tutors the children of some of our staff members.
  • Last but not least, our OSFR partners Sean and Dahiana and their kids Mila and Liam moved into their new home along with their puppy Yoda and cat Loki.
This is, of course, in addition to the preexisting OSFR residents:
Chase (dad), Kuka (mom) and Bear (their son), who roam freely throughout the farm and frequent our house for belly rubs and snacks.
Our farm is home to a pair of horses, Gina and her mother Gigi, who share a stable and love nibbling on kale and beet greens.
We also share the farm with two adorable pigs Dali and Miro (brothers) and a flock of chickens and chicks (yes, that means fresh eggs) towards the back of the farm.
None of this would exist without the expertise of our partners Sean and Dahiana, and neither would we have gotten very far without the efforts of the OSFR staff, who we were thrilled to host for the traditional gifting of Canastas Navideñas (Christmas baskets) for their family holiday gatherings.
In 2024 we want to share all of this with more of you. We are actively growing the OSFR community and would love to hear from anyone interested in learning more. It is surprising to me even now to have started a real estate venture at this stage of my life, but I have noticed that people find it makes a lot more sense once they see it in person – so please don’t hesitate to reach out and come visit us.
We have a lot of exciting events and gatherings in store for this year that we’ll keep you posted on, if you’d like to join for those – but we don’t need a special occasion to host our close friends.
Wishing you health, happiness and all the best in 2024!
Wendy and David



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